Friday, October 17, 2008

Introduction-Whys, Hows and whatfors

If it isn't obvious already, this is a blog for, about, and in memory of my grandmother. In chinese the term for grandmother is "Popo", and hence the title of this post and how i refer to her throughout the blog. I have always been a bit ambivalent about blogs in the past. But, my grandmother has been such a large part of who i am, and how i view life and family that i thought i should share a bit about her.

Many of you who will read this have been very kind to me over the past few weeks, and i want to express my sincere thanks for your kind words, kind actions, and kind thoughts.

Most of the details about my grandmother are colored by memory, and the simple fact that she just didn't like to talk about the past. In fact, i don't think i was ever able to get her to talk much about her family, or life in China, or even her life in Hong Kong. Most of the details i gathered from conversations with my dad, and my uncles and aunt.

I'll only have a couple of posts, but feel free to make comments, ask questions or add whatever you wish. I have opened this blog to some of my cousins who also have memories or thoughts about popo they may want to share.

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Anonymous said...

These are great, Linus. Thanks so much for sharing. Your popo was indeed amazing, and I'm in awe of her fortitude. This will definitely give me pause the next time I complain about feeling overworked. Jen